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333 Kent ST, NSW

Turner Studio

Completion Date: 2016
Use: Mixed use
Client: Maville Bay
Gross Floor Area: 51381 sqm
Apartment No: 153

The site is part of the Kent Street warehouse precicnt area and is characterised by many 7 to 9 storey heritage buildings constructed in the late 19th century. The transformation of the city through to the 21st century has transformed the way these buildings are used. Some of these transformations have been kind leaving the intrinsic values of the building fabric intact. Together with 333 Kent Street the more intact examples will remain a defining element of the area for the foreseeable future.

The design response is contextual; it is a building that interacts with the city environment around it in order to define a building with clarity of purpose whilst respecting the legacy of the site.

The heritage base with the overture of street level arches provide an activated entry procession into the building foyer. The scale of the arches amplify and morph internally to create a unified double height foyer shared by both hotel guest and residents. Shared social spaces off the main foyer area include mezzanine lounge, business centre and music rooms. The separation of lift services together with the manipulation of ceiling volumes assist in reinforcing the different uses.

Externally the existing fa├žade is unified in matt black oxide wash to strengthen the solidity of the heritage base and to provide a juxtaposition to the masonry arches sleeved in copper that that provide the threshold between the public domain and foyer area. Hotel accommodation is neatly placed with reference to existing windows and external amenities including pool and landscape terrace areas occupy the roof or platform to the tower above.

The tower defines place in a different way. The vertical form of the building gives the building an identity beyond the street wall. At the lower levels the tower form aligns with the prescribed setback acknowledging the significance of the heritage base. As the building changes in use from hotel to residential the programmatic needs of apartment size, access to sunlight and view opportunities prompted the stepping out of the building. The upper levels which include the 3 bedroom and larger 2 bedroom apartments lean out further creating a vertical terraced form.