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Kirrawee, NSW

Turner Studio

Date: 2015
Use: Mixed Use (Apartment + Retail)
Client: Deicorr and Payce Communities
Cost: Confidential
Site Area: 42,500m²
Gross Floor Area: 85,000m²
Apartment No: 750

South Village is a new mixed use development situated at the Kirrawee Brick Pit in southern Sydney. It contains approximately 750 apartments, 14,000m² of commercial and retail floor space and a 9,000m² park integrating residual portions of critically endangered Sydney Turpentine-Ironbark Forest [STIF]. The masterplan organises the site with an internal network of vehicular and pedestrian streets with ground floor retail and apartments above. A library/community centre is also proposed for the site, bringing a civic presence and strengthening the connection with the adjacent village centre and railway station.