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George & Allen

Waterloo, NSW

Turner Studio

Date: 2015
Use: Mixed Use
Client: Built
Cost: $35 million
Site Area: 6,020m²
Gross Floor Area: 12,200m²


George & Allen is a new landmark development in the heart of Waterloo. George & Allen brings progressive architecture and design-focused living to this rapidly transforming, vibrant and gritty warehouse precinct.

George & Allen will be unique, recognizable and envied as it brings together warehouse living with the new generation of apartment design. The location offers incredible convenience to the city as well as being at the centre of Sydney’s latest post-industrial café culture.

In basic terms, George & Allen is a series of four building forms, each with a northern aspect, connected by a lower building on the east side facing George Street. In the three intervening spaces, lush courtyards bring internal gardens to the residents.

The aesthetic of George & Allen references the legacy of the site and the traditional building forms that give the area its distinctive style. Along George Street, a crafted brickwork wall speaks of the history of brick warehouse buildings in Waterloo.

On the north facades, living areas open out to generous balconies and, on the ground floor, oversized terraces. The south facades have vertical gardens providing a natural screen backdrop.

The materials and architectural forms flow from the interior to the exterior, reinforcing the connection between each apartment to the surrounding Waterloo context.