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Washington Park, Riverwood, NSW

Turner Studio

Date: 2014
Use: Urban Housing
Client: Payce Communities
Cost: $95 million
Site Area: 6,150sqm
Gross Floor Area: 18,230sqm
Apartment No: 197

Fairmount Apartments is part of the Washington Park development, it consists of two buildings. The larger of the two buildings is 8-storeys and L-shaped. The smaller building is rectangular and rises 6-storeys. Between the buildings is a landscaped courtyard with views across the adjacent parklands.

Being part of the Washington Park development, the materiality of the buildings belongs to a family of materials shared with the other new buildings of the precinct.

Fairmount has two components, a base, accommodating the car parking, servicing and plant, and an upper residential portion. Vertical climbing gardens are integrated into the form to link the building with the surrounding landscape. The upper levels are rendered in whites and greys with coloured soffits. The intent is to highlight the projecting and offsetting balconies that give Fairmount its distinctive character. A further palette of detail colour gives an additional layer of complexity, tying into the overall Washington Park thematic of seasonality.