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Washington Park, Riverwood, NSW

Turner Studio

Date: 2014
Use: Urban Housing
Client: Payce Communities
Cost: $50 million
Site Area: 4,553sqm
Gross Floor Area: 18,150sqm
Apartment No: 192

The Como residential project is part of the Washington Park development in Riverwood. Como has two buildings sited on a podium with subterranean parking. The larger buildings is L-shaped and is 9-storeys. The smaller building is 6-storeys, is roughly square-shaped, and sits nestled within the L-shape of the first building.

The building forms facilitate a high level of amenity and also permitting sightlines into the adjacent parklands and the Salt Pan Creek Reserve further to the north.

The concept for the form and materials palette was designed to both have familial links to other buildings within Washington Park while also providing a distinct identity.

The materials palette divides the building vertically into three parts: a base, middle and top. Generally, textured and rough materials are selected for the lower levels where human scale and tactile qualities are important. Smoother and finer finishes are utilised for the upper levels. The base is clad in stone with intervening white rendered columns. The middle is face brickwork with contrasting dark coloured windows. The top is predominately white with light grey banding to accentuate the horizontal lines of the upper levels.

A further palette of detail colour and landscaping gives an additional layer of complexity to the development, tying into the overall Washington Park thematic idea of natural seasonality.